Interaction Design and UX


by Mariana Morris • 23rd September 2015

My favourite word currently is “unaware”.  I recently started thinking of people being unaware when they do something that I could easily think of as unreasonable, rude, idiotic. I like the momentary sound of the word unaware. People unaware of something in a specific moment. Someone on the bus speaking loudly on the phone: They […]

UX is team work

by Mariana Morris • 18th April 2015

My talk at the Bulgaria Web Summit 2015: UX is team work! To get the whole project team involved in the UX process is essential to achieve a great quality product. No matter if it’s an Agile or a Waterfall process, UX and development must be working collaboratively: developers meeting users and attending usability testing, […]

My slides from my talk at BrightonSEO

by Mariana Morris • 11th April 2015

When creating personas talk to your users and reference to them. Do not create fictional characters! #BrightonSEO @marianamota #ux — Kasia Bigda (@xszamankax) April 10, 2015 'Meet your users early and often' quote from @MarianaMota #ux #BrightonSEO — Alex Cox (@UEalexC) April 10, 2015 Card sorting is great for testing labels, features and navigations #BrightonSEO […]

The iterative way to write a book, by Leo Babauta

by Mariana Morris • 20th November 2014

This is an interesting application of the MVP (minimal viable product) and Agile approach. I particularly like the idea of having alpha testers. “Write a minimum viable book for alpha testers. I wrote each chapter for a group of 10 alpha testers who generously agreed to read early versions of the book and put it […]

Beautiful Reykjavik, Iceland

by Mariana Morris • 23rd October 2014

We went to Reykjavik for 5 days. It is absolutely beautiful and I totally recommend a visit. One day we hired a car and did the Golden Circle tour, which includes seeing the huge Gulfoss waterfall, Geysirs and tectonic plates. They are super impressive! On another day we went to the Blue Lagoon, a geothermal […]

The making of the Lambeth Parks Challenge

by Mariana Morris • 6th September 2014

Was very happy to receive by email a lovely video made by Stephen the project manager I worked with last year on the Lambeth Parks project at White October. In this project, I was responsible for the creative direction and user experience. The team included Sophie Klevenow, who did the amazing illustrations and animations and Pete West, who did […]

Creative Leadership

by Mariana Morris • 16th July 2014

It’s the weekend (already)

by Mariana Morris • 14th June 2014

When you enjoy your work, weekends come unexpectedly. They feel like a gift not like an escape. You look forward to another week. Sundays feel just like another Saturday. That’s how it should feel, always. 😉

Working out of hours

by Mariana Morris • 8th June 2014

Very good points raised in this blog post. I think that working out of hours is almost inevitable when you are really excited with something you’re working on. However creating a culture around that is unhealthy. In this article, I particularly like the point about not broadcasting it when you do so. One of the causes [of […]

On listening…

by Mariana Morris • 4th May 2014

“Listening is not an automatic pilot. It is a conscious decision… STOP EVERYTHING YOU’RE THINKING and listen. Suspend your own frame of reference. Focus externally. Turn off your ego. Quit thinking everything revolves around your opinion. Give the stage in your head to someone else!” – Sunni Brown I think it’s a constant exercise.