Get stuff done

Starting a new habit

by Mariana Morris • 20th January 2014

The combination of the “30-day challenge” technique and see your progress can be very effective when trying to start doing a new habit. Worth a try. More about it: • TED Talk “Matt Cutts: Try something new for 30 days” • Leo Babauta’s “The Habit Change Cheatsheet: 29 Ways to Successfully Ingrain a Behavior”

Something small went wrong? You should be happy.

by Mariana Morris • 20th November 2013

My dad always says: “Something will go wrong, that’s for sure, because nothing is perfect. It’s good when something small goes wrong because it can be easily fixed. Don’t worry, go ahead and fix it.” #BePositive (My dad is an entrepreneur who I highly admire. He built his engineering company from scratch 25 years ago […]

‘Get things done’ is matter of mindset

by Mariana Morris • 12th October 2013

I believe that getting things done is a matter of mindset, which you can consciously choose to be in. “Get things done” VS. “Keep the problem” mindsets Mindset: Get things done In this mindset, you are interested in getting your task sorted. Even if you feel you can’t make a decision right now, you are […]

What is important to you?

by Mariana Morris • 17th August 2013

Following my talk about making ideas happen, these are a series of questions to help you find out what is essential to you. Once you have it clear in your mind, it will help you make everyday decisions when it comes to prioritising your list of projects and tasks, your life commitments and your goals. […]

My talk: Making your amazing ideas happen

by Mariana Morris • 11th August 2013

Resources: Making ideas happen – Scott Belsky The power of less – Leo Babauta – 99% Blog, Insights on making ideas happen The Lean Startup, by Eric Ries Seth Godin‘s blog “Saying no”, talk by Jason Santa Maria at the Creative Mornings “Purpose Your Day: Most Important Task (MIT)” by Zen Habits Derek Sivers: How to […]

Why I publish my blog posts before they are ready

by Mariana Morris • 4th August 2013

I always wanted to write blog posts, but perfectionism would block me from publishing them. I now put less pressure on myself, write very short and concise posts, and ship it before I feel they are 100% ready. This is why: The blog posts get published, rather than keep lingering around in my drafts to […]

Seth Godin’s talk on making changes happen

by Mariana Morris • 1st July 2013

“Do small things, things that won’t get you fired, without asking.”