Writing a book

Talking design: A series of video interviews leading to a book.

by Mariana Morris • 17th March 2015

I’ve decided to share the interviews I’m doing for the book as I do them. Check them out on talkingdesign.io

Sprint 1: Giving and receiving feedback

by Mariana Morris • 9th February 2015

The first topic I’m going to research and write about for my book is: giving and receiving feedback on designs and creative work. How to communicate in a way that is constructive, get your point across and motivate individuals to do better work? How to deal with mindless feedback? And how to ask for feedback […]

The plan

by Mariana Morris • 8th February 2015

My plan is to write a short practical book for designers. The idea is to research about certain topics, collect stories and experiences through a series of interviews, review drafts with early adopters (colleagues who kindly offered to help) and write about practical techniques and examples that help designers in their day-to-day communication. I’m planning to commit […]

The backlog

by Mariana Morris • 3rd February 2015

As I mentioned in my previous blog post, I’m starting researching and writing a book in an Agile way, with sprints, user feedback and iterations. I’ll share my plan later. With that, it comes the product backlog with epic topics. Help me prioritise the backlog of topics. This will help me understand what people would […]

I’m going to write a book, and I need your help

by Mariana Morris • 29th January 2015

I’ve decided to start writing a book about verbal communication and leadership skills for designers. This is a subject I have been researching for the past couple of years, giving talks about it and experiencing in my day-to-day job. Now I’ll get deep down into research, do interviews, get contributions and write a book about it. Inspired by […]