My talk at Oxford Geek Nights

I’ll be giving a talk at Oxford Geek Nights on the 7th August about making ideas happen.

It will be called “Get it done! Practical techniques on making your amazing ideas happen.”

Many of us, designers and developers, come up with great ideas, for our personal projects and for our day jobs. We get really excited about an idea, sometimes we start developing them but often we don’t finish. We don’t find time, we lose interest or we feel it’s too hard to do. We then jump to the next new exciting idea, and the cycle goes on. This cycle is very common and it prevents us to make our great ideas happen.

In this talk, I’ll be sharing practical techniques to help you keep the momentum going and finish your ideas.

My aim is to inspire people in the room so they go away feeling they can apply the techniques and finish their amazing projects that have been left behind.

Oxford Geek Nights: