My favourite word currently is “unaware”. 

I recently started thinking of people being unaware when they do something that I could easily think of as unreasonable, rude, idiotic. I like the momentary sound of the word unaware. People unaware of something in a specific moment.

Someone on the bus speaking loudly on the phone: They are unaware of the social environment around them. A cyclist who crosses the red light: They were unaware of the danger they are putting themselves and others in. Someone says something rude: they are unaware that what they said hurts me.

What I like about giving a momentary state to the situation, instead of labeling people, is that it helps me create empathy with them and believe in the change of behaviour. All of us from time to time for a number of reasons can be unware of the circumstances around us. By giving a momentary state to the person, I know I’m further away from creating preconceptions about them and instead I’m keeping my mind open to the possibilities of the good things they can do.